Steps to Success

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In addition to adding products to the water, there are a few extra steps that you will need to maintain a beautiful looking pool. After you have these down you will become the neighborhood pool pro!

Circulate and Filter the Water
These two steps go hand in hand because without circulation water cannot be filtered. The water needs to circulate 12 hours or more in order for the pool to be clear and free from contaminants. When water is moving it is harder for bacteria, algae, and other contaminants to cause issues in your pool. Circulation allows your filter to trap visible and invisible materials that have entered the pools water. Periodically your filter will need to be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. One of their recommendations is to use a chemical cleaner such as ProTeam Filter Magic.

Clean your Pool
No matter how often you circulate and filter the water, some material cannot be removed without your interference. Periodically, the pool will need to be vacuumed to remove visible debris in the water. Even if the water looks fantastic, or if you use an automatic pool cleaner, the pool walls need to be brushed at least once a week so microscopic organisms can be filtered out and consumed by water treatment products.

Ideal Ranges
pH 7.4 – 7.6
Total Alkalinity Gunite Pools 100 -150 ppm
Vinyl or Other 125 – 150 ppm
Calcium Hardness Gunite Pools 250 – 350 ppm
Vinyl or Other 150 – 250 ppm
Metals 0 ppm
ProTeam UV Shield (Cyanuric Acid) 30-50 ppm
Chlorine 1-3 ppm
Bromine 3-5 ppm

Sanitizing Your Pool

Properly sanitized water looks good, feels great and has no odors. However, if not properly sanitized bacteria, algae and organic wastes can collect in pool water. If this happens pool water can turn cloudy, uncomfortable and an unpleasant odor can even occur. This is when your water is unsanitary. Chlorinating and brominating compounds have been effectively and safely used for decades to ensure sanitary, clear and comfortable water. ProTeam has innovated and offered several options for sanitizing swimming pool water. If needed your local ProTeam dealer can help you decide which sanitizer method is best for you and your pool. Traditionally these products are added to either a floater, a chemical feeder or directly through the skimmer, but there are several ways to add these products to your pool. In any application consult the manufactures’ instructions for proper use of any of these dispensing devices. Be sure to follow the label directions for applying any ProTeam brand sanitizer.

Options For Sanitizing Your Pool

ProTeam High Tech Tabs – Our unique 1-inch and 3-inch tabs are a special blend of chlorine and ProTeam Supreme. This blend makes our tabs different from other traditional chlorine sanitizers for many reasons:
• Higher chlorine efficiency
• Reduces pool operating costs
• Reduces scale formation
• Enhances waters clarity

Don’t lose it!
The biggest lose of chlorine in a swimming pool is to the sun. When chlorine is added to water, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can rapidly deplete the levels of chlorine in the pool. Adding stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid or CYA) to your pool will increase the life expectancy of chlorine in the water. Most importantly this simple step will save you money. Proper CYA levels should be between 30 – 50 ppm and should be tested monthly. Since cold water can cause false CYA test results, wait until the pool water is around 55 to60°F before testing these levels. If these levels are low add ProTeam UV Shield to the water according to label instructions.

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