Shock your Pool

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Making Water Crystal Clear

While the pool is open the water collects a various number of contaminants. Some can include pollen, dirt, body oils, cosmetics, suntan lotion and other swimmer or organic wastes. Build-up of these contaminants can make your water cloudy and cause unpleasant odors. These contaminants can interfere with your ability to sanitize the water and prevent algae growth. ProTeam offers a variety of products to remove these contaminants from the water. These products will also help to revitalize the sanitizer that is already in the water. Typically these products are called oxidizers or “shock” treatments and should be added at least once a week. Shocking the pool is also recommended after a heavy rain or when the pool has been heavily used. Your local ProTeam dealer can help you decide which oxidizer is best for you and your pool. Regardless of which product you use carefully follow the product directions.

Options for Shocking Your Pool

Power Magic Super Oxidizer – Our patented Calcibor® shock treatment is recommended with use of our ProTeam Supreme and ProTeam High Tech Tabs. This blend makes our shock different from other treatments for these reasons:
• Safer and easier to use
• Will not calcify sand filters
• Prevents over stabilization
• Helps maintain Supreme levels in pool

Multi Magic Shock – Our powerful oxidizer combines the power of three products in one easy shock treatment. Multi Magic contains Oxone® to shock the pool and a powerful chlorine solution to help sanitize the water. It is also blended with a clarifier to help keep the water sparkling. After Multi Shock is added, swimmers can resume enjoying the pool after 15 minutes.