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The Critical Difference

ProTeam is different from other pool treatment systems. Our unique formula, ProTeam Supreme, will make caring for your pool refreshingly simple. When introduced to the pool ProTeam Supreme will help maintain water balance, so you will spend less time testing and adding products into the pool.

ProTeam Supreme will reduce the time you will spend performing maintenance on your filter. ProTeam Supreme will also suppress algae growth and reduce sanitizer consumption, adding up to be big savings. Caring for the pool will be easier, and the look and feel of the water will be second to none.  When ProTeam Supreme is in the water eye and skin irritation are eliminated while giving water a soft and silky feel. Supreme is a product that solves problems before they start with an easy initial treatment. In many pools it may be added only once at the beginning of the season with no additional treatments needed. The only way that Supreme is removed from your pool is through filter backwash, splash out or a leak in the pool. Once you have added ProTeam Supreme to your pool you are on your way to a pool that will be easier to maintain. This process will be easier than using other chemical treatment systems. Now you will be saving your hard earned money and be able to relax and enjoy your pool more!

ProTeam Pure Tabs and Pure Stix – Our Pure Tabs and Pure Stix are highly effective at providing regular chlorination to your pool water. Pure Tabs are available in both 1” and 3” compressed tablets. All these chlorinating products are made without glues or binders leaving behind no sticky or slimy residue.

ProTeam Zip Chlor – For those who prefer to hand feed their sanitizer to their pool we created Zip Chlor. It is added periodically directly to the pool by broadcasting it over the surface of the water.

ProTeam Brominating Tabs – Bromine is an easy and effective way to sanitize a pool or spa as an alternative to chlorine. Since bromine cannot be stabilized against the effects of the sun, it is recommended that it be used in pools that are indoors or frequently covered.

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