Pool Cleaning

Our pool cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained and well supervised. We use the most advanced water chemistry techniques and products to insure your pools’ water chemistry is perfect at all times. At The Pool & Spa Store we cherish our customers. When you sign up for our weekly service we strive to make you feel like our only customer. With multiple layers of management, you can be assured your pool is being cared for by professionals whose goal in life is to make sure your pool is maintained at the highest standard.


Pool Equiptment Repairs

Our “repair first” approach gives you value in extending the life of your old pool equipment and not shelling out big dollars for new equipment.

With The Pool & Spa Store, you can rest easy knowing your pool equipment will be repaired properly by an honest, exceptionally trained, hard working person who only has your best interest at heart.

The Pool & Spa Store’s Expertise: Pumps, Filters, Chlorinators, Salt Systems, Heaters, Automated Controls, Mechanical Timers, Backwash Valves, Diverter Valves, Pool/Spa Lights, Automatic Pool Cleaners, Auto-fills, Plumbing, Electrical and much more.

Pool Inspections

Are you buying a home with a pool?   Get a Professional Pool Inspection.  You’ll want to buy your next home with your eyes wide open.   But unless you’re a pool expert yourself, you’ll be wise to engage a professional pool service company to conduct a thorough inspection.  You need one that’s been around some time and has experience with a wide variety of pools – and the many problems that can happen with them over the years.  You pay for the inspection, so get one you can rely on.

Pool Leaks

Your pool will naturally lose some water to evaporation, some to splash-out and some to backwash wastewater. You will also gain water from rainfall. My rule of thumb is that if you're routinely adding more than two inches of water to your pool per week, you probably have a leak that is worth spending some time and possibly money to repair.

Pool School

Did you just buy a house with a pool and have no idea how to take care of it?  We offer a free on site pool orientations for new pool owners.

Pool Liners

A designer in-ground pool liner can be the spectacular centerpiece of your backyard environment, transforming your pool into a work of art.  Whether you would like to update the look of your current in-ground pool or it's just time to replace your liner The Pool & Spa Store can help. We offer several choices of high-quality liners that have a high resistance to breaking, tearing, and puncturing. They are engineered to resist the extreme weather conditions in the US, and resist degradation, algae, mold, and bacteria.

Tri-City Vinyl