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A dad shows his frustration at the state of his swimming pool, while angry kids look on.

Stop Algae Before It Starts
Algae is a common problem for pool owners. These microscopic plants come into your pool from rain, wind, and animals. What starts as a virtually invisible invader can turn your pool into a slimy green mess overnight. This mess does not necessarily have to be green, algae comes in many colors such as black, pink, brown or yellow. What most pool owners do not know is that their pool water is almost always infested with algae. Usually when pool owners see algae in the water they think they have a problem. Luckily, ProTeam has several ways to control algae and potential outbreaks. Though ProTeam Supreme is highly effective in preventing algae growth, we recommend the regular use of an algaecide to help eradicate algae. Consult with your local ProTeam dealer to find the right product for you. As always, follow the label directions for starting and maintenance treatments.

ProTeam Prevent – This excellent algaecide provides an effective defense
against algae growth. Prevent is a broad-spectrum algaecide and its nonstaining
formulation will not affect the balance of your pool water.

ProTeam Polyquat 60 – Our highly concentrated algaecide
provides a superior defense against algae growth. This
non-foaming and non-staining formulation when used
regularly can help reduce sanitizer consumption.

Alternate Treatments

ProTeam Microfloc Clarifier is a unique product that will bind microscopic particles in pool water together. The purpose of this action is to help the filter remove these particles with ease. Some particles are so small that they pass though the filter. However, once the filter has trapped these particles they can be removed from the pool’s system by backwashing or cleaning the media. Microfloc Clarifier does not know the difference between dirt and other physical material in the pool. Its powerful pH neutral formula can help remove these microscopic particles from the pool. Microfloc Clarifier can actually help solve problems in swimming pools before they ever become a problem.

What should I use if I have a bad case of algae?
Once visible algae can be difficult to remove from any pool. If you are faced with this unsightly dilemma you should consult your local ProTeam dealer for the best products for your pool. Some options your ProTeam Dealer might recommend are Severest Algae Treatment, Mustard and Black Magic.

Mustard & Black Magic – A highly effective product in removing all types of algae during outbreaks. Though effective against all types, it is particularly powerful against mustard and black algae.
Severest Algae Treatment – A powerful formula that utilizes heavily chelated copper to destroy algae. If you experience pink slime or water mold, see your local ProTeam dealer for treatment options.

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